What is New System School, Inc?

New System School, Inc. was founded in 1980 to provide the parents of the children of Jehovah's Witnesses a legal means to provide a superior home-based education for their children. New System School, Inc. is NOT a home school, though. We are formed, according to the specific state laws, as a "private" school, or a "church-related" school. For this reason, our children are generally not subject to the laws governing "home schools," unless we are using the home-school arrangement for that state. The parents are registered as faculty members of New System School, and are responsible for providing a quality secular and spiritual education for their young ones. It is our goal to reach the hearts of our youths, providing them with more than knowledge.

Why Teach My Children at Home?

According to God's Word, the Bible, parents have a serious responsibility for the education of their children. They are responsible to train up a child "from infancy" in a way that will instill family values, good morality, concern for others, and a deep understanding of the principles and laws found in the Bible. The arrangement of teaching your own children is a precious one and deserves responsible attention.

Teaching in the Home vs. Public School

It is well recognized, even by many secular authorities, that today's public school environment leaves much to be desired for educating children. Classrooms are overcrowded, many children are inattentive and even disruptive, teachers have more than they can handle, and school budgets are strained to the limit. Sincere teachers try very hard to educate their students, but generally are not allocated enough time since the student load is so great. The public schools are turning out a majority of students with insufficient reading and reasoning skills. Parents who care are already spending a great deal of time supplementing their children's public education, due to the sometimes overwhelming daily homework assignments. So, why not take it a step farther and teach your children at home?In the home environment, a child can be taught one-on-one, and will learn much more efficiently. The personality of the child can be taken into account, and special effort put into areas where the child needs extra help. The resulting education is much more balanced since the child does not get behind, as so often happens in a public school environment. It actually takes significantly less time to cover material in comparison to the public system, since a child can progress at her own rate, instead of the rate of the entire class. If a young one is good at Math, while less accomplished at English, why can't he progress in Math at a rate that fits his ability, while taking a bit longer with English? Would a public school allow a student to be in 5th grade math and 4th grade English - at the same time? Probably not!

The point is, we all have different skills and interests. We learn faster in some things, slower in others. The parent must see that the child progresses fully in each subject, but can do so at a rate that suits the individual child. Public school simply does not allow that flexibility, since too many children are involved in the process. But, as a teacher in a home-based school, you will have much more flexibility in choosing your own curriculum, teaching times, and methods. Your responsibility is great, since you must achieve an educational standard higher than the public schools. Fortunately, it has been proven over and over again, that children taught in the home are simply better educated. Statistics show that they are better prepared for life in this difficult world. Home-educated children generally excel in all areas of life, with higher IQs, more balanced personalities, and a better grasp of how to deal with the difficulties of life.

If you choose to join us in educating your children according to sound home-based methods, you will benefit by having better educated children...period!