School Year Checklist Reminder

School Year Checklist Reminder

Time flies when you're having fun, and this summer was no exception.
I know you have enjoyed the summer, and all the upbuilding actives that have come with this year. We have sure been busy! Summer is almost over. So, how are you doing?


Have you accomplished or made progress in the goal you set out for this school year? Parents and students may find it helpful to set goals to keep them motivated. Some parents might have an assessment for their student, at this time. That could involve a testing, or reviewing students' work. The questions we need to remember are, "will the student achieve their goal for the year at the current pace?", "are there areas that need more attention?", and "is more challenging work needed?".


Take some time, at this point, to review your records. Make sure they are up to date. Re-enrollment, is here if you haven’t already done so for the school year.
Please contact your local headmistress or main office for enrollment information, or log in the website.


Think ahead. Take this time to start planning. What will your student be working on next? Are the goals you and your student have set achievable? Are they based on changing interests, or newfound abilities? Make sure your student has long term goals that will help them keep focused.
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