Curriculum Information

NEW SYSTEM SCHOOL, INC. approaches the curriculum needs of the student by responding to the individual needs, educational goals, life goals, and abilities and interests of the student. It is flexible, interesting, and varied.

Language Arts, including communication and reading skills, Math, Science, and Social Studies (including History and Geography) form the central curriculum. Life skills and preparation for the career of their choice, trades, family responsibilities, and single life preparation skills are all provided. Fine arts, music, art, and creative expression are all encouraged. Health, Physical Education, and Bible Instruction are part of the curriculum.

Educational goals are reached through structured, disciplined studies, one-on-one attention, informal communication, research facilities, literature, and travel.

Children are helped to communicate with people of all ages, backgrounds, life skills, and interests; to care for others, respect animals and property, acquire thinking ability and discernment, and good judgment as to right and wrong, good study habits, and how to seek out knowledge and be attuned to sources of information.

A lifelong interest in reading and learning usually develops in our students. Community service usually becomes part of their life after graduation.

Source materials are made available to students and parents, and are matched to the student's learning style.