Frequently Asked Questions:


The legal age for starting school will depend on the State laws where you live. You may contact HSLDA, or do your own investigation of the laws in your area.

Can we put the child back into public school if we don't like this or it "doesn't work out?"

Home schooling (or, private schooling, depending on the state you live in) is NOT to be done on a trial basis. Research the issue as carefully as possible, and read through our information. If returned to public school, there is no guarantee that the school will put the student into the correct grade. Testing may be insisted upon, and the tests may be harder than other children have had to take in similar grades. In High School, credits may or may not be counted. This may affect graduating with the class they expected to be with.

Research it well.

While we do not recommend home schooling as a trial, you may find that it is not working out to the student's benefit for you to keep him/her out of public school. Only you and your family can decide the best course to choose.


SET ASIDE USUAL HOURS FOR ACADEMICS, WHILE BEING FLEXIBLE. Often, the first year is the hardest, because some expect home schooling to be exactly like public school. This is not the case, just relax, and enjoy having your children close to you during these difficult times we are living in! Schedules vary, but most do school in the morning and other activities in the afternoon. Suit your family needs and give your children some flexibility. You may wish to read up on time management or organizational skills. Provide educational tools that enhance their abilities. First get to know the needs of your students, and consider the needs of others in the family as well. You may wish to divide school time, some in the morning and some in the evening on some days.


These are available through your local NSS office.


The application may be requested and your questions may be answered by calling them at (540) 338-5600. Or you may visit them at their website www.hslda.org. This is a group of lawyers with a network that is geared to helping you in your choice of private education, including home schooling if you wish. They are from various religious, geographical, and educational backgrounds. They are united in supporting you in your educational choice, but expect you to do your part. The company has an application that screens families before they are accepted.

Their concerns include supervision of the children as they are educated, curriculum being adequate, shared teaching responsibilities, and employment schedules. In general, NSS families are usually accepted because of the diligence of the parents in accepting their responsibilities. We would like to see that continue, and you can help!

HSLDA (as we commonly call it) understands the laws you will operate under, and you may call them at any time for legal advice. Should anyone question your educational position for your children, this organization will come to your aid. If your family has had legal problems in the past, do not hesitate to explain this to them. They can usually still defend you. One thing they cannot get involved in is custody disputes.

Getting HSLDA membership is a requirement of NSS parents. This is a legal arrangement that understands our position. Do your part by getting this service. This group deals with all kinds of situations. They have helped NSS as a whole and individual member families many times in emergency situations. Just a call or letter from them has prevented many problems.

How will you know what laws you are operating under? Since laws vary from state to state, it is a real challenge to keep up with all the details. NSS makes every effort to keep informed, trying to help you place your educational arrangement under the least restrictive and most beneficial set of laws. Your state may have different laws governing "home schools" or "private schools" or "church-related" schools. The responsibility of understanding your legal position will be upon you. Learn the laws they will use in your defense, and consistently stay under them. HSLDA will help you to understand these laws and other details about your legal position.

NSS has a group discount number and you may use it if you are actually enrolled or are enrolling in NSS. They send us a list of NSS members in each state. The cost has been $95.00 per family per year with our discount, and they will send you a renewal reminder each year. Having the HSLDA membership is required by NSS families as long as you have a student that is in the compulsory school education age range.


NSS requires each student be either tested, or keep a portfolio of each subject for each school year. NSS has free testing available to members for K-9. If other testing is required, your package should explain, or call HSLDA.


  • My child is under compulsory school age. Do I have to enroll him anywhere?

    No. You may do so if you wish. You may teach the child Kindergarten, etc., without being in any school at ages under compulsory school laws. Many children read before then. We have a form that you can report this work on if you use NSS later.

  • Oh, oh! My young student isn't interested in school, reading, or academics! Help!

    If the child has not learned to read, remember that many are not ready at a very early age.. Some have had their natural desire to learn stifled by institutional programs, and will soon blossom right in front of your eyes! Read to the child. Provide little short books that may interest him. Let the child see you enjoy reading and he will soon learn to love reading.

  • How do we teach a child to read?

    There are inexpensive books that really work. The enrollment package should give you some information on that. For children who need lower level reading for all subjects, Steck-Vaughn has inexpensive books that will help.

  • My child is reading already! How can I keep him from "getting bored?"

    You may allow them to advance quickly, and provide higher level grade work materials if you wish. There is no shortage of materials!

What is BOOK-IT?

This is a reading incentive program sponsored by Pizza Hut for Kindergarten - 6th grade students. It begins in the fall of each year, and lasts for five months. During this time you may enroll your child in the Book-It program. Coupons will be sent to you for five free personal pan pizzas for each participating child. The child does not need to know how to read. You may read the books to them, or be teaching them to read from books. It is a fun program for the children!


  1. Parents are primarily the ones responsible for the education of their children. (Whether the children are schooled privately or publicly.)

  2. Education should encompass Fear of Jehovah, Respect for Authority, and Sound Bible Education.

  3. Education should cultivate Thinking and Reading Ability.

  4. Education should provide Practical Skills for adult living.

  5. Education should enable recipients to be Responsible Christians.

  6. Education should encourage Good Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Health, and enable one to relate to people various backgrounds, interests, and beliefs.

  7. Education should assist one to avoid that which would have a detrimental effect on one's mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and moral health.

  8. New System School, Inc., while recommending social awareness, does not itself adhere to evolution, nationalism, racism, worldly philosophy, pagan festivities, or excessive competition.

A central purpose for New System School, Inc., is to support parents in their endeavor to have their children grow up to be responsible Christians that contribute to society in a productive way. New System School, Inc., is international in scope, therefore, while the students will be taught world, national, and local views, in social, political, cultural, economic, and other areas, they will also be taught Christian neutrality. New System School, Inc., will not support political involvement, revolutions, or religious intervention in affairs of governments. It is our belief that a Christian's purpose in life is to glorify God (Col. 3:23, 24)(Heb. 13:5)(Rev. 15:4), and direct others to His Kingdom. (Mt. 24:14) This heavenly government is the total solution to mankind's problems, and living by Bible standards of Christian conduct will prevent a multitude of disasters in the lives of our students. (Prov. 22:3)

As children grow, God's Word, the Bible (John 17:3), will be the textbook for instruction for their standard of conduct (Gal. 5:22,23). Daily Bible reading (Josh. 1:8) will be reinforced through publications such as LEARN FROM THE GREAT TEACHER for young students, and QUESTIONS YOUNG PEOPLE ASK--ANSWERS THAT WORK for pre-teens and teenagers. A wide variety of other publications assist families to apply Bible standards of conduct in their homes. Children who resist such fine direction are patiently and kindly assisted by parents, as well as being provided association at local places of worship, where the local congregation provides specific spiritual guidance, using Matt. 18 where applicable. Parents who wish to keep such children enrolled in New System School, Inc., to continue their academic, spiritual, and emotional progress may do so, as long as the children remain at home.